Five cliché but totally awesome things to do in Miami

In Miami we like to say: “we live where you vacation.”  However, we also like to “vacation where we live.” Whether driving from the suburbs to have a delicious authentic cafecito cubano on Calle Ocho, or walking from beachfront condos to tan in South Beach, locals definitely take advantage of the many typical touristy things to do in Miami.  Cliches? Maybe, but oh, so much fun!

If you live in Miami, you’ll most likely find yourself involved in one of these activities this weekend. If you don’t, take note and try them next time you’re in town.

  1. Have a fancy dinner at Cafe Versailles? – Sure, the decor will put a smirk on your face once you realize the venue does not resemble the elegant renaissance palace in France. Once you get past the extravagant mirrors, chandeliers and cafeteria-style tables, you’ll want to try anything from the menu. This iconic restaurant serves typical Cuban food, from pastelitos and croquetas, to the more involved (and harder to digest) vaca frita. Your palate will thank you.

    Inside Cafe Versailles- Photo credit:
    Inside Cafe Versailles- Photo credit:
  2. Pose for a casual photo-op at Wynwood Walls- With plenty of murals to choose from, pick the one that best matches your artistic style and tell your friends to take pictures of you as you embrace your inner super model and pose like no one’s watching (everyone’s watching).img_5092
  3. Get your fitness on in South Beach- bring back the 90s with a pair of short shorts, a neon bathing suit and a pair of roller blades and get cruisin’ on Ocean Drive. If you’re not feeling the 90s vibes, opt for a rental bike and a casual-chic summer outfit instead. Stop at Lincoln Road for a cocktail at one of the restaurants/bars and people watch.
    Ocean Drive. Photo Cred:
  4. Practice your Spanish on Calle Ocho– Little Havana is full of life, music, and cafecito! Follow your sweet tooth and have an exotic-flavored ice cream at Azucar, savor some Cuban coffee with locals in one of several bodegas or restaurants on the strip, or enjoy a night of Jazz and Salsa at Ball & Chain, where you can drink and dance the night away.
    Los Pinarenos Fruteria on Calle Ocho

    Apps and drinks at Ball & Chain on Calle Ocho
  5. Indulge in brunch- Miamians live for unlimited Sunday mimosas. Plan your next brunch date following three basic steps: Pick a trendy restaurant (one of my favorites is Yardbird- Southern Table & Bar), dress to impress in your best Miami-chic #OOTD, and fill up on mimosas and delicious food…don’t forget to take a photo of the table and your dish.
    KYU Wynwood

    Yardbird Southern Table & Bar- Miami Beach

Can you think of other cliché but awesome activities in Miami? What are your favorites? Let me know in the comments below!

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