Five reasons why you should travel with friends

Traveling has been my passion for years, and one of the things that I enjoy most about it is being able to share my experiences with people that are close to me.

Whether vacationing with family or going on romantic escapades with your significant other, having a traveling companion is an awesome way to discover new places. But when you travel with your BFFs your trip often results in crazy adventures, unforgettable memories and lots of laughter!

Here are five reasons why booking a trip with your friends should be on your to-do list this year:

1. You get to know each other better

Sure you have shared coffee and confessed secrets over wine on ladies night, but until you travel with your girlfriend you won’t discover the little things that make her tic. Long train or plane rides allow for deeper conversations and stronger friendships. Also, sharing hotel rooms will not only help your budget, but allow for a stronger bond…and that awkward bathroom-going experience will be a thing of the past!

Enjoying a cool May afternoon in Berlin
Feeling happy after a Tequila tasting in Cozumel

2. You’ll share stories and memories forever

I spent a “homeless” night in Barcelona, swam 40 meters in freezing water in Santorini, and zipped-lined my way through the Costa Rican jungle with friends. These are experiences I will never forget and stories that I will always share with the friends that lived them with me.

Right before zip-lining in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Last year I traveled with a group of girlfriends to Washington D.C. and even though I had been there before, my experience this time around was totally different. Among the things I will never forget is getting lost trying to reach the Jefferson Memorial and walking along the Potomac River in freezing weather until we finally found it right before dusk; or the night we did a remake of Beyonce’s 7/11 music video right outside our hotel room and some older guy told us to shut up.

3. You’ll have awesome photo ops

While selfie sticks are totally ok…uhm right?…having your friends capture your best angle and the right pose is priceless. But what’s even better is having your friends in your pictures with you for a visual memory of your best adventures together. Silly selfies in the airport as you wait for a delayed flight, funny poses in front of a very-important-historical-statue-of-a-person-you-can’t-remember-the-name-but-is-a-timeless-hero, and pictures of the delicious meal you shared at an exotic restaurant are but a few of the memories that will last forever. You can even go the extra mile and print them out to create a scrapbook of your trip.

My friends and I played “photoshoot” on the ferry from Athens to Santorini
Jumping pictures in front of Lake Eola in downtown Orlando, FL are cool. Period.
Who cares if cruise photos are cliché?! We had fun in the Bahamas!

4. You can split travel planning responsibilities

When I lived in France during a semester in college, my friends and I spent most of our weekends traveling. We also planned a month-long trip to several places in Europe before coming back home. In order to have smooth sailing, we decided to divide and conquer, with each of us in charge of some part of the logistics. After we picked a destination, one of us was responsible for booking the hostel, another for booking flights or train rides, and yet another for doing some research about the must-see places in town or the best restaurants to visit. I definitely recommend doing the same with your friends on your next trip.

Impromptu trip to Berlin to end a month-long trip around Europe during my semester abroad

5. You can meet new people together

Maybe your friend speaks the language of the place you’re visiting or maybe she is less shy about making new friends. Having your close friend by your side when traveling can make first-time conversations with foreign strangers less intimidating. You may already feel invincible when you are together in your local bar or favorite hang-out spot, so transferring that bond to an unknown destination can be just as powerful and make it easier and fun to get to know people while traveling.

Colombian/Italian clique conquering Antibes

What is your favorite part about traveling with friends? Join the club and comment below!

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