One night at Motel No. 7

One of the things I love most about Miami is the myriad of events happening daily. Whether is a store opening or a sponsored event, this city is on an “always-on” mode and I love it!

About two weeks ago, my friend told me to book a one-night stay at Motel No. 7 in Wynwood, Miami’s current “it” neighborhood. Little did I know, this mysterious “staycation” was an extraordinary pop-up event organized by Jack Daniel’s.


From whiskey tastings to tiny mysterious rooms full of random and infinite possibilities (face-painting, Karaoke, pillow fights, break-dancing sesh and more), the party got better and better as the night progressed. I felt like a total rockstar!

Jack Daniel’s Whiskey tasting took place inside one of the mysterious rooms at Motel No. 7

The venue was big enough to take Motel No. 7’s guests on a wild journey that included a pool party in the backyard, the option of getting a free haircut at an on-site barber shop, delicious hors d’oeuvres and a private concert by Ja-Rule.

My drink of choice that night was Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey with lime juice and Ginger Ale. I don’t really call myself a whiskey kind-of-girl but the bartender hooked me up with this sweet drink.

There were so many things to do and people to see that it was hard for me to get to everything. I heard there was even a hidden speakeasy bar with a live band playing Sinatra tunes.

Kevin (in the overalls) is from Tennessee and he is one of Jack Daniels barrel makers. He gave us a piece of carved wood barrel as a souvenir.

Jack Daniel’s Motel No. 7 pop-up tour started in Brooklyn in November 2015, then came to Miami in January and is going to Austin (February), Los Angeles (March) and Chicago (April).


If you also went to this event, leave a comment below and tell me what was your favorite thing about it.

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