Photodiary: Postcards from Washington D.C.

My tradition of starting the year in a place away from home began last year with a trip to D.C. My friends and I explored a city unknown to us, wandering around and making great memories together.

Some of you may be used to long winters and chilly temperatures throughout the year, but for a Miami girl like myself, finding a cooler destination and having the excuse to add extra layers to my outfits is an unusual challenge, and one I’ll gladly take.  D.C. was freezing to us but nothing like cold weather to wake up the senses.

We walked the rainy streets of the National Mall, admiring the imposing museums and monuments that have sprung up around the mall throughout the years documenting our country’s history.

Strolling along the Potomac River, we spotted the serene yet majestic Jefferson Memorial across the other side. Finally reaching the memorial was breathtaking…but mainly because we didn’t know the walk would take so long and the temperature felt like it dropped with every step we took.

When we weren’t taking goofy selfies or candid pictures of each other (see my post on Five reasons why you should travel with friends), I took the time to breathe in the city’s beauty and snap some great photos that capture the cold and gloomy (yet invigorating) ambiance that made the trip more unique.








IMG_4480 IMG_4511 IMG_4610

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