Five must-pack items for your trip to Thailand

Hello Paradise Seekers! Can you believe we haven’t read each other on here since 2018? I know, time flies. I hope you all started the year full of positive energy, health and happiness.

If you’ve been keeping up with Club Paraiso on Instagram, you know the last trip I took was to Thailand back in November. In this first post of 2019, I want to share a list of items that you can’t forget when packing for your vacation to this beautiful destination.

1. Mosquito Repellent

If you’ve started your research for Thailand, you’ve probably seen this in many blogs; but I cannot stress it enough – you must bring mosquito repellent and carry it with you wherever you go. This is particularly important if you’re travelling during the rainy season (May to October) and are planning on visiting more rural areas and the beaches. Pack spray or wipes; I brought both and they were very helpful (only one bite during the whole trip – I call that success!)

2. Wet wipes

These are easier to carry than a roll of toilet paper and will get you out of messy situations. Most public bathrooms in big cities like Bangkok will have toilet paper available, but smaller towns or older establishments may not. You can also bring napkins or tissues, which you can use to dry your hands when there are no paper towels. Do yourself a favor and always have them handy.

3. Temple-friendly clothes

Most temples in Thailand will require appropriate clothing for visitors. This means no sleeveless tops, see-through fabrics, shorts or skirts above the knee. Some temples will lend or rent out garments but in places like the Grand Palace in Bangkok, where thousands of tourists visit every day, the lines to rent these are endless. Don’t waste your time in line and come prepared.

Women- cover your shoulders, don’t show too much skin and make sure your bottoms are below the knee.

Men- wear long pants and no tank tops.

4. Socks

And speaking of temple-appropriate attire… you must know that when walking into Thai temples, you must do so without shoes. This means if you’re wearing sandals, you will have to walk barefoot where thousands of other people have also walked…barefoot. I recommend wearing socks and sneakers instead, so when you take the shoes off at least you’ll have a layer of protection.

Also, keep in mind temples have open windows and birds can fly through…you may accidentally step on bird poop inside a temple (as I did – and no, I was not wearing socks – lesson learned).

This picture was taken before going into the temple where I stepped on bird poop. At least I had my wet wipes in my purse to clean my foot!

5. Medication for nausea or diarrhea

Let’s be real, if you’re a foodie and an adventurer, Thailand is definitely a place where you’ll want to taste everything that’s put in front of you. But if this is your first trip to Asia, your stomach may not be prepared to take in so much goodness. Thailand offers it all when it comes to food; from decadent dishes at Michelin-star restaurants to amazing and exotic street food on every corner.

So, better to be safe than sorry and pack your meds. Don’t miss out on your vacay days because you’re stuck at your hotel bathroom….or worse…you find yourself stuck in a public Asian toilet.

I hope this post was helpful. Don’t forget to bring these items with you on your upcoming trip to Thailand! I will be sharing more about my trip soon, including must-visit places in Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket. In the mean time, I want to know, what is the one item you must always bring with you when you travel? Join the club and comment below.

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