Al Agua Patos

Bogota is known for its excellent food and culinary concepts that come to life in the restaurants around the city. Renowned chefs have opened the doors to their restaurants and invited patrons to experience the traditional Colombian flavors, as well as, exotic dishes from around the world.

Bogota is the perfect stage to let your taste buds go wild.

The city has caught on to the latest trend: the experience of eating out. A perfect balance between ambiance, flavor and concept. A great example of this trend is a newish restaurant in town called Al Agua Patos. Its creators nailed it with concept, flavor, and overall presentation. The idea of food on toast goes beyond breakfast and introduces typical Colombian dishes, as well as, international ones in their diverse menu.

It is a perfect spot for brunch with your friends or family. I liked the fact that you have two size options for each dish: The Pato (regular) and the Patito (petite portion) for people that get full fast (like me). Recommended items on the menu: Limonada Verde (Green lemonade), Pato Carbonara, Pato Stroganoff, Granola Parfaits in a jar!, and French cinnamon bites (crispy, warm and soft).

Fresh, minimalist approach, with touches of green on the outside porch seating area. We sat on the table that is being cleaned in this picture.
My friend Laura and I ready for brunch. I’m starting with a warm Café au Lait, one of the many options from the Café menu.
Inside view of the restaurant. The small table with the yellow roses separates the porch area from the inside, with free lemonade or tropical-infused waters to welcome patrons.
Minimalist, yet bold décor at Al Agua Patos.


The girls ready for brunch after a long night of partying (notice we are all drinking water–and coffee pour moi).
I had a Patito Carbonara: (smaller version of the Pato) mouth-watering chicken with carbonara sauce, crispy bacon and fresh parmesan cheese topped with fresh basil leaves.




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