There’s more to Nassau than the Atlantis

Nassau is so much more than the Atlantis. While the resort has plenty to offer tourists for a day of fun in the Bahamas, exploring the island for its actual city wonders will definitely be worth it.

My first time in Nassau was earlier this year and I was looking forward to discover much more than the Atlantis. Here are five things I enjoyed about this beautiful island:

  1. Visit the Old Fort Fincastle: This small fort was built in 1793 to protect the island from pirates. Located on Bennet’s Hill, the highest point in Nassau, the fort overlooks New Providence Island and Paradise Island. Fun fact: The cannons on this fort were never fired! Make the trip to Bennet’s hill to experience an amazing view.IMG_5354
  2. IMG_5350Walk up the Queen’s staircase: This beautiful landmark, located at the Fort Fincastle’s historic complex, is just down the road from the fort. The 66 steps were built by slaves to provide a direct path from the fort to the city and to honor Queen Victoria of Britain. The staircase is steep and a great cardio workout, but the ambiance of the place is magical, filled with vivid hues of green (from the plants- there’s a ceiling of tree branches) and gray (from the limestone used to build the stairs and walls). Great place for pictures!IMG_5375 IMG_5379IMG_5394
  3. Spend an afternoon at Junkanoo Beach: Total relaxation with a side of the best jerk chicken I have ever had! I dipped my toes in the water, walked through the softest white sands and listened to some island tunes from a local band playing at Junkanoo beach. Did I mention the jerk chicken? IMG_5457 IMG_5436 IMG_5431 IMG_5428
  4. Visit the Nassau Straw Market and walk away with a special souvenir: Colors, textures and amazing souvenirs can be found at this little market in Nassau’s Bay Street. I walked away with a beautiful and inexpensive Panama hat that I had been looking for everywhere. It was only $15! IMG_5466 IMG_5463
  5. Indulge in some creamy ice cream at the Main St. Ice Cream Parlor: Just a few steps from the Straw Market, this Ice Cream Parlor is everything you could wish for. Rum Cake Sundae (yum!) and plenty more flavors to choose from… you will definitely not regret the sugar rush. I had cake batter flavored ice cream with small pieces of cake on a cone (#heaven). Don’t like ice cream? No problem! This place has milkshakes, popcorn, soft drinks, hot dogs and more snacks! And since you’re on vacation and there’s no rush, sit on the balcony and enjoy your time off…this is certainly what I did.IMG_5701
    My little brother having the “Super Man” ice cream flavor

    Have you been to Nassau or any other of the islands in the Bahamas? What did you like best?

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